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Ingénieur système SAN & NAS dans une grande banque Française, actuellement expatrié à Montréal, j'ai choisi ce blog afin de développer mon activité gravitant autour d'Internet.
Pour ce faire, je fais de la veille technologique de tout ordre via mon ambassadeur Flox-arts.net.


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HA Ceph object cluster : OpenSVC Flex, Gandi & RR-DNS

The goal of this post is to provide small footprint object storage CEPH cluster with high resiliency and no SPOF. We will build it with OpenSVC, Ceph, Gandi and Puppet.
Thanks to OVH HA Load Balancing usecases available on ovh.com.

puppet opensvc ceph gandi ovh

CEPH software (MON and OSD) has no SPOF but RADOSGW can be one if you install only one instance. We can manage several instances and balance S3 or Openstack Swift requests with RR DNS (easy way).

ceph all opensvc

I will explain how to deploy CEPH cluster with 5 Gandi small VM :